Japan Food Tours 2022 & 2023

Our Japan food tours are amongst the most popular of our tours.

They are built to the same format as our other small group tours of Japan

Small-Group Gourmet Food Tours in Japan

- A wonderful way to see Japan, with specialist guides & a food experience built on some of the world's best food!

Pick a 13 or14 day food tours in Honshu, Hokkaido or Kyushi.

On a food trip to Japan you will realize that Japanese cuisine offers an amazingly wide range of choices. You will explore excellent street food through to gourmet dining at Michelin-starred restaurants. The Japanese food tour itineraries are all regionally focused, allowing you to appreciate the depth of the local food culture. These culinary tours of Japan also focus on the seasonal variety to add another dimension. Through our expert knowledge and special connections, you will visit a selection of producers and interact with locals in small speciality stores and tiny restaurants with unforgettable character.

You can't eat all day! So, these guided Japan gourmet tours are carefully balanced for you to discover the special Japanese culture, history and spectacular scenery Japan has. Infact, guests have said these would be great tours even without the exceptional culinary experiences.

Japan Food Tours 2022 & 2023

Many of our guests like to plan well in advance and we have released all of the 2022 Japan Food Tours & 2023 tours are on the way. Our Japanese food holidays are some of our most popular tours, leaving some late-comers no choice but to book for next season.  Please contact us to discuss your preferences and ask questions.

Why choose our Food Tours in Japan?

foodies tours japan
14 days

An exceptional 14-day culinary tour through unique and exclusive experiences at cherry blossom festival time. You will meet a local farmer and fish monger, have a cooking lesson at chef’s own home, and visit artisans’ studios. This Japan Cherry Blossom & Food Tour covers wide-ranging restaurants from street carts to Michelin star.

Sashimi platter at Fumoto Restaurant Michelin Star restaurant in Hakodate Hokkaido Japan
13 days

Seafood, dairy, wagyu beef, fruits and vegetables, wine, sake, whisky and beer. From Michelin-starred restaurants to ramen and street food, Hokkaido has it all! The 2022 Food Tour of Hokkaido Japan also includes many personal experiences such as cooking traditional dishes with fishermen’s wives.

Food image from Ukai restaurant kaiseki dish in Japan
14 days

On this exhilarating journey through central Honshu, the mainland of Japan, you will visit Japan’s iconic cities, farming villages and seaside hamlets while experiencing Japan’s centuries-old food traditions. The tour visits a first class Japanese knife manufacturer, lacquerware artisans, and a food model factory too!

Dinner at Mujinzou Michellen foodDinner at Mujinzou, a Michelin star restaurant in Fukuoka as a welcome dinner at Food and Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan, Kyushu
14 days

This Japan autumn tour takes you to explore the island of Kyushu at the peak of autumn colours. Kyushu is Japan’s friendly western island famous for its temperate climate, laid-back rhythm, lively rural culture, and fantastic food. This is a foodies dream experiencing all the facets of Japanese food culture from production to cooking and eating for 14 days in the background of magnificent fall foliage.

Private Tours and Tour Extensions

Don't forget we can create your own Private Tour of Japan for your family or group if you prefer. We have many Private Tour Model Itineraries to give you some ideas. The page also includes model itineraries for Tour Extensions which you can add at the beginning or end of your Group Tour.


People in Barry Erridge Private Tour group travelled in April 2016 cherry blossom season in Japan 900 x 600
Fun in Japan
People of Kareela Probus Private Tour Group travelled Japan in April 2017, a group photo at Kanazawa Castle 900 x 600
People of Deb Lambert Private Tour group celebrating 50th wedding anniversary of the parents at Kawaguchiko ryokan in yukata

Had a fabulous time with a great group of people. I loved the country, the culture, the people and everything about the tour – hope to do another tour with JTTE – maybe Hokkaido or Kyushu next time

Vivien Hewitt, Western Australia

 This was my first trip with JTTE and already I am looking at the program for next year thinking about another one. I liked the fact that it was a small group, the organisation was spot on and the food everywhere was outstanding.

Dee Mason – NSW Australia

Why Choose Japan Food Tours with Journey to the East?

Types of Japanese food tours

Many Japan gourmet tours are single day tours visiting a few famous places to eat.  The Japan Food Tours by Journey to the East on the other hand are fully integrated multi-day Japanese culinary tours, combined with top sightseeing and select cultural encounters. Our food tours are a complete holiday.

Choices of our Japan food tours

We have a variety of choices in our Japan food tours; seasonal choices - ie. cherry blossom time, fall foliage time, or early autumn harvest time, and regional choices - ie. central Japan, Kyushu or Hokkaido. Each of these seasonal or regional focuses allows you to go deep inside the food culture in Japan. The goal is a gastronomical adventure along with a better understanding of the background and foundation of Japanese food.

In terms of food choices, we have covered it all. Japanese cuisine is highly regarded on an international level and known to have an amazingly wide range. Our Food Tours of Japan are designed for you to enjoy the great breadth and depth of the Japanese cuisine. The tours include traditional kaiseki feasts, sushi and tempura, as well as more modern ‘fusion’ cuisines such as the Japanese take on Italian, French and Chinese food. Excellent street food through to Michelin-starred restaurants are all part of our Japan gourmet food tours. Drinks are not forgotten either. You will visit centuries old sake breweries and green tea processors, as well as craft beer breweries, wineries and whiskey distillers with shorter histories.

We are conscious of the "paddock to plate" concept and each of these tours visits a selection of local food producers to gain full appreciation of the Japanese food production processes.  Eating the freshest food straight from farms and the sea amplifies the extraordinary flavours of Japanese cuisine.

Food presentation and tools

A key component of eating in Japan is the presentation. Journey to the East's food tours of Japan are not just an "eatathon". As a part of the tours, you will visit Japanese cooking knife manufacturers, a food model factory, ceramics and lacquerware studios. Guests will have opportunities to talk to the chefs at some of the small Japanese restaurants which will give you an insight into the 'food' art and the skills involved. Also every food tours of Japan at Journey to the East includes a cooking class. You will have the hands-on experience of trying your newly acquired skills and knowledge to create a master piece yourself.

Hand selected content

Through our unparalleled knowledge and network the our Food Tours of Japan offer plenty of personal experiences for the enthusiastic foodie. From a cooking class with the fishermen's wives in a small fishing village on our Food Tour of Hokkaido, or chatting to the local chefs and farmers as we sample their fares over lunch in the coastal town of Itoshima on our Food & Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan.

We carefully hand-select all dining experiences throughout the food journeys including at least one visit to a Michelin-starred restaurant. Rather than just focusing on famous restaurants, our aim is to showcase the breadth and depth of Japanese cuisine and give our guests unforgettable, rich experiences. An example of our restaurant selection can be illustrated by a Michelin-starred restaurant located in the middle of remote rice paddies on the Noto Peninsula in our Food Tour of Central Japan.

The Small Tour Group format (8 or 10 max per tour) enables us to take you to places and restaurants not possible with a larger tour group, and provides a unique and more intimate gastronomic experience as a result.

Although these tours are food-focused, this is all carefully balanced with a variety of sightseeing, including natural scenery, historic places, and some lifetime experiences with the people of Japan.


See a list of Japan Food Tours here.

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Our Travel Style

At Journey to the East we are committed to providing authentic, small group tours to Japan – whether standard tours or custom-built for private groups. Our travel style is to immerse you in the culture and landscape of the country and expose you to a rich variety of unique experiences.