Japanese home recipes vol.3 – Karaage and Potato Salad

Japanese home cooking recipe, karaage, Japanese style potato salad, beer

In this issue, I will share with you my Japanese home cooking recipes for chicken karaage and Japanese style potato salad. Chicken karaage is no doubt one of everyone’s favourite Japanese dishes. It is a popular Izakaya item and great street food. It is quite simple to make once you learn a few tricks like…

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Must-try Top 5 Street Food in Japan

Western people eating takoyaki, street food in Japan, Japanese food, at Dotonbori district of Osaka, by journey to the east

On this blog, I will introduce you to must-try Top 5 Street Food dishes in Japan that can be found all year-round. There is a wide range of choices in the Japanese food scene from yatai* and izakaya style local pubs to Michelin starred restaurants. You will also be amazed by varieties of packed obento…

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Japanese home cooking recipes vol.2 – Dashi

soba noodle with dipping sauce and condiments, Japanese home cooking recipe, dashi master sauce, journey to the east

If you are a fan of Japanese cuisine, I am sure you have heard the word dashi. Dashi is Japanese soup stock fundamental to many traditional Japanese dishes. On this blog, I talk about the different types of dashi and show you a quick and easy Japanese home recipes for dashi based master sauce. Normally…

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Best 5 Japanese Gardens in Autumn

Japanese garden at entsu-in temple in Matsushima, Japan in autumn

As you may already know Japan has four seasons and each season has different colours. Japanese gardens have been an important part of Japanese art where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape in each season.  Here we have picked our Best 5 Japanese gardens in autumn. Entsu-in (Matsushima, Miyagi) Entsu-in is a Buddhist temple located…

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Japanese home cooking recipes vol.1 – Fish

Journey to the East, Japanese home cooking recipe for fish, Miso braised mackerel (saba no misoni)

Fish is Japanese people’s favourite protein and we have so many ways of cooking fish. It is spring in Australia and I am so happy to see fresh mackerel and Spanish mackerel at my favourite fish trader, Seafresh Traders at our local market. I will share with you three of my Japanese home cooking recipes…

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2020 Food Tour of Hokkaido Launch

Journey to the East are proud to announce the latest in our popular series of food tours, the 2020 Food Tour of Hokkaido. Culinary delights include everything from street food and Sapporo’s famous ramen, right through to Michelin starred restaurants and traditional kaiseki multi-course cuisine…

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Traditional Washoku Japanese Cuisine

Until recently, UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage included only one traditional cuisine – French.  However, there are now two cuisines listed; French and Japanese. The traditional Japanese cuisine known as “washoku” was recently added to this exclusive list. We are all familiar how good chefs around the world have frequently turned to the foundation…

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