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Cherry Blossom Tours of Japan

The 2019 Cherry Blossom Tours of Japan take you to the magnificent cherry blossom at just the right time. Each tour is different helping you to catch the short cherry blossom season at its best. Because each of these specially selected Cherry Blossom Tours shows off the Japanese spring at its best they are bound to please.

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An exceptional 14-day tour opportunity for “foodies” to see Japan in the cherry blossom season. Street food to Michelin star + all the sights are thrown in too

Departure Dates
24 Mar 2019 Available

Japan in spring is a wonderland – The temples, the castles, the gardens and the cherry blossoms of course! Extra small tour group (MAX 8) on this 11-day tour of Japan

Departure Dates
28 Mar 2019 Available
4 Apr 2019 Available

This tour has “the works” if you want to see Japan in spring

Departure Dates
26 Mar 2019 Fully booked
2 Apr 2019 Fully booked

The Japanese countryside and the cherry blossom are extraordinary. No wonder there are such grand festivals!

Departure Dates
6 Apr 2019 Fully booked

The blossoms come later in Northern Japan – but they are simply the BEST

Departure Dates
17 Apr 2019 Fully booked
24 Apr 2019 Fully booked

On this tour you walk by the special species of early blooming cherry blossom on your way to see the best of Japan and all before the massive crowds arrive!

Departure Dates
21 Feb 2019 Fully booked

Had a fabulous time with a great group of people. I loved the country, the culture, the people and everything about the tour – hope to do another tour with JTTE – maybe Hokkaido or Kyushu next time

Vivien Hewitt, Western Australia

 This was my first trip with JTTE and already I am looking at the program for next year thinking about another one. I liked the fact that it was a small group, the organisation was spot on and the food everywhere was outstanding.

Dee Mason – NSW Australia

When and Where Are Japan’s Best Cherry Blossoms?

The time to see the best cherry blossom in Japan is about planning and luck. Luck because an early or late spring is in nature’s control. Good planning because it will increase your luck.

Japan is a long archipelago and the cherry blossom peak is earlier in spring in the south and later the further north you go. A second factor is altitude and the higher you go the later in the year will be the peak there. Two other key factors in are the warmer sea winds and the strain (species) of cherry blossom, both of which impact their blooming time. So even in the same city, on any given day, there can be variations in where to see the blooms.

Japan Cherry Blossom Season

Planning plays a big part in our cherry blossom tours of Japan. Although we aim to show you some of the foremost iconic exhibits in Japan, the sequence is determined by the cherry blossom season. The timing, a cross-section of locations, species etc all play a part in the planning. Regardless of an early or late spring, the goal is increasing the chance of you see all phases of the cherry blossom bloom. From buds to the peak blossom and to the beautiful pink carpets of dropped petals. The final card in our planning is our smaller groups, enabling us to even adjust where we go in a city on the fly to catch the best blooms on the day.

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Cherry Blossom News

When is the best time to see cherry blossom in Japan?

  I know you are looking for a quick easy answer to ”When is the best time to see cherry blossom in Japan?’ Well, it isn’t quite that easy, and that is probably why you are are asking it.   The answer revolves around four key factors that drive the cherry blossom:- The latitude –…

Four seasons in Japan

You often hear that Japan is blessed with a beautifully distinct four seasons. But you’ve got to experience one or more of the seasons to actually know what it means. We have just completed our signature spring ‘Cherry Blossom Spectacular Tour’ and comments we received from the members of the tour demonstrate that the experience…

Cherry blossom Kyoto

Spring in Japan

Mention spring in Japan and most people immediately think of the cherry blossom (sakura in Japanese). Often however their thoughts don’t go much further. Today I want to talk about the cherry blossom because it is so beautiful, however the cherry blossom season does not span the whole of Spring. So as the title of…

Our Travel Style

At Journey to the East we are committed to providing authentic, small group tours to Japan – whether standard tours or custom-built for private groups. Our travel style is to immerse you in the culture and landscape of the country and expose you to a rich variety of unique experiences.