Geisha and Rickshaw
Nov 2014 Chris Taylor & Catherine Settle and a Maiko
Nov 2014 Chris Taylor & Catherine Settle and a Maiko


Geisha are women who dedicate their lives to traditional Japanese culture and arts. They usually entertain clients on the occasions of banquets and performances.

In Kyoto, Geisha are known in the local language as Maiko, an apprentice Geisha, and once they graduate the become known as Geiko.



A number of our small group tours include a dinner with a traditional geisha in Kyoto. This allows you to experience a performance of some of the traditional arts such as traditional dance, and music. There is also usually a small question and answer session where you can ask questions.



Tokyo - there are a small number of Geisha located in the Asakusa area of Tokyo

Kyoto - Kyoto has the largest number of active Geisha in all of Japan and is the most frequent place to encounter or experience Geisha performances.

Kanazawa - Kanazawa has a small Geisha district.



There are a variety of scheduled public events where you can see Geisha performing traditional dances on a stage throughout the year. The most famous of these "Odori" occur during March through May in Kyoto.