Private & Custom Tours of Japan - Your holiday, your way!

Our Private Tours are Custom Built to Suit You

Our Private tours of Japan are truly ‘made to measure’ for you. So each one is quite unique, and according to our guests, they “work like clockwork”. All you need to get started with a private tour is an idea of about when you want to go to Japan, the number of people in your group and perhaps what you want to see in Japan. Then get in touch with us and we'll create your custom built tour of Japan with you.

Journey to the East plans private tours of Japan that are ideal for people who know each other such as couples/families, associations, clubs and special interest groups. The custom tailoring and flexibility that can be achieved in these tours makes them highly sought after. Some previous guests have also commented this is the best way to see Japan.

Trainee Geisha Kyoto
  • We can start with a blank canvas and custom design your tour to meet your dreams. We offer suggestions and recommendations about what to see and do in the time you have available.
  • Once you are happy with the private tour itinerary, we start to turn your dream into reality. We book accommodation, transport, tickets, cultural encounters, guides and so on.
  • Our comprehensive knowledge of Japan is put to the test as we carry out a detailed check of all the logistics for you to make sure the little things don’t spoil the trip.
  • When you arrive in Japan, our friendly team will meet you and accompany you to your first night's private tour accommodation and your holiday in Japan has started.
  • The result is your custom dream holiday that ‘works like clockwork’ and is travel stress-free.


Suggested Itineraries to Get You Started

Here are 2 sample itineraries, one for 7 days and the other for 14 days in Japan. Although many guests like the examples as they are, yet others chose a different duration, accommodation quality, locations, level of guide support etc. Many clients like some of the content from our group tours and ask for it to be included in their own trip.

These two samples could be just what you want, or just get you started.  Contact Journey to the East we will help bring your group's custom tour to reality.


This example of a short custom tour of Japan is designed to deliver an excellent taste of Japan for those with limited time.  In just 7 days, you will visit some of the ‘must see’ places in Tokyo, Hakone and Kyoto, get a feel for the culture and the cuisine. You will most likely come away from Japan thinking

I must get more of that”.


This custom tour is a 14 Day Trip to Japan. It takes you on a well-balanced tour of Tokyo, Kawaguchiko, Matsumoto, Takayama, Kyoto, Hiroshima and Miyajima, and Osaka.

With this itinerary, you will appreciate the modern cities, see the beautiful landscapes, experience the culture, feel the history and savour the cuisine of Japan. You will find this is a comprehensive yet compact tour, excellent for the first time visitor to Japan.

The cost of a private/custom Japan tour

Private (custom built) tours are so much more than just picking a tour out of a brochure (or some accommodation from Tripadvisor). Private tours are ‘made to measure’ for you.

There are four main components of your custom tour:

  1. Accommodation: Your choice of level of accommodation – 5 star accommodation is more costly than 3 star accommodation, you get to choose.
  2. Guide Time: The amount of guide time you select  – if you are a reasonably seasoned traveler we would aim to provide information that will reduce your need for guide time.
  3. Duration: The number of days you plan to travel in Japan.
  4. People: The number of people in your group to share the group costs such as private tour guide.

Let's imagine there are two of you wanting a 14+ day holiday in the low season. Using 3 star accommodation with limited private guide time, you should budget from about $600 per person per day plus expenses. On the other hand, if you choose 5 star accommodation and private guide support most days, then you should be thinking of around $850 per person per day. Where there are four or more in your group to share some of the costs, then the cost per person will reduce.

Let us know if you have a budget in mind and we will work with you to get the very best value for the money you have.

A comprehensive working document

Nothing spoils a holiday more than travel stress and the arguments it causes. Our meticulous planning, attention to detail and comprehensive tour documentation all have a singular goal – To give you everything you need to have a vacation free from ‘travel stress’

Comprehensive daily schedules  & recommendations

Booked accommodation details and maps to get there

Guide details (and guides get their special instructions so they know what to deliver)

Meticulous transport notes and timetables (right down to station, platform number and time)

All appropriate passes

Tips on travelling and even some suggested restaurants

Maps to help you get around

Handbook that makes travel easier in Japan