Mt Fuji reflected on Lake Kawaguchiko with cherry blossoms
Mt Fuji reflected on Lake Kawaguchiko with cherry blossoms
Kawaguchiko ropeway
Kawaguchiko ropeway

Kawaguchiko and Mt Fuji

Nestled on Lake Kawaguchiko at the base of Mt Fuji the small township of Kawaguchiko is known for its stunning views of the iconic Mt Fuji during clear weather. There are a number of places of interest around the lake including the Kachi Kachi Ropeway for views from Mt Tenjo, the stunning Kubota Itchiku Museum featuring some incredible Kimono artwork. For the adventurous there is also the Fuji Q Highland theme park famous for its rollercoasters.



There are a wide range of traditional ryokan around the lake including Fuji Ginkei. Most have onsen, hot springs, and some onsen have views of Mt Fuji.



Tokyo - approximately two hours from Kyoto by either direct train from Shinjuku or direct bus.

Kyoto - It is approximately four hours from Kyoto to Kawaguchiko via Mishima, with one transfer required along the way.

Matsumoto - two trains from Kawaguchiko take about an hour and a half.



The timing of the cherry blossoms can vary from year to year but the cherry blossoms in Shirakawago are usually at their peak in early to mid-April.