Shibu Onsen in Winter
Shibu Onsen in Winter
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Snow Monkeys in the Onsen (Hot Springs)

Shibu Onsen and Snow Monkeys

Shibu Onsen is a traditional village located near the world famous Snow Monkeys. Featuring many traditional ryokan (Japanese Inns) Shibu Onsen provides a great overnight stay with good access to the Snow Monkeys. The Snow Monkeys are accessed via a short bus/taxi ride and then a 30-45 minute walk along a path through the forest to the Snow Monkey Park. Wild Snow Monkeys come down from the mountainside to forage for food and bathe in the warm onsen, hot springs.



There are a number of ryokan in Shibu Onsen including Shibu Hotel. Many also have onsen facilities.



Matsumoto - the Limited Express Shinano Train takes 30 minutes to Nagano and then an hour on the local train to Shibu Onsen.

Tokyo - approximately 90 minutes on the Shinkansen to Nagano and then an hour on the local train to Shibu Onsen.



The snow monkeys can be seen year round although they are more often in the area during winter. Snow can vary from year to year and day to day but is usually seen from late December through February.