Start dreaming about your next holiday to Japan now!

Start dreaming about your next holiday to Japan now!


Journey to the East is a Japan tour specialist. We have been delivering highly personalised authentic experiences in Small Group Tours and customised Private Tours for the past 9 years. For the experienced traveller, these Japanese holidays could be your best choice for a tour of Japan in 2021 and 2022!

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Choosing your Japan Holiday

It can be a challenge because the options are seemingly endless. You may have questions like;

  • "Where are the most interesting places to visit in Japan?",
  • "When is the best time to visit?",
  • "How will I cope with the language?"
  • "What is the quality of accommodation like?",
  • "Is this the right tour to Japan for me?".

This website will answer many of these questions, and help you select a trip that suite you most. It is often easier to talk to a Japan specialist directly. So, why not contact us and discuss your holiday?

Jtte Staff

Message from Journey to the East team

How are you all doing? It's been a tough few months for everyone.

We would like to convey our heartfelt thank-you to those of you who sent us warm and kind messages. Col, Yuki, Ritsuko, Angus, Sachi and our staff in Japan are all well, and still here ready to serve you as soon as travel to Japan restarts. We have been using this downtime to improve our internal system, creating more exciting travel and enhancing our website. Now as a result, more than ever, we are the tour operator of choice when it comes to creating a holiday of life time in Japan.

Journey to the East team - Japan Travel Specialist.

"I just wanted to let you know that, while you probably are not doing many bookings, the memories of your wonderful trips are living long after. If you are in contact with any of your fantastic guides and employees in Japan, please pass on our Australian best wishes. Fond regards, Ian and Robyn Mitchell" 

"Keep well and safe. We send our very best to you all and will certainly be in touch again very soon, once this situation is under more control. Take care, Michael and Laurie" 

"Was just wondering about Journey to the East and how your travel business is doing... and what might happen to our March 2021 tour if this goes on and on.  Hope you are doing well and are healthy and safe.. take care, Linda and Geoff"

Latest News

June 2021 A major release of our 2022 Autumn, Garden and Art, Walking and Food Tours!
April 2021 Due to popular demand we released the all new 2021 White Christmas in Japan tour
April 2021 We upgraded our page on Private Tours and introduced sample itineraries for our private tours
March 2021 Our brand new 2022 Food Tour of Hokkaido, Japan has been rescheduled to June 2022. Check it out together with Japanese food recipes in our blogs.


Garden and Art Tour of Japan Video

The video below shows you highlights of the 2022 Garden and Art Tour of Japan which is scheduled for May 2022. You can also view the complete 2022 Garden and Art Tour Itinerary

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Five reasons to choose Journey to the East

  • Reason No. 1 - Extra small group tour size

The group size of our guided Japan holidays has always been extra small, typically only 8 guests . Not only does this give you more intimate Japan holidays with boutique travel experiences, it also means more safety and care. The mature travellers recognise the flexibility is one of the key benefits of these small group tours. Read more about "Extra small group size".

  • Reason No. 2 - Knowledgeable Japan travel specialist

Our biggest strength is breadth and depth of our knowledge of Japan. Our staff have personally visited (and usually stayed at) all our recommended destinations, and have met our suppliers from Hokkaido to Okinawa. Using this knowledge, all our Journeys are carefully crafted to give you most authentic and memorable experiences. Our unique Japan tours take advantage of local and seasonal features. This means we can create safe yet, off-the-beaten-path, efficient travel offering greater value for your money. Read more about "Knowledgeable Japan specialist".

  • Reason No. 3 - All vaccations directly managed

You can feel secure and comfortable that your tour is directly managed by Journey to the East. We do not use layers of subcontractors and DMCs. Journey to the East researches, develops, arranges and delivers all our guided group tours in Japan. We directly communicate with all our customers and suppliers. This means swift and accurate communication as well as saving you time and money. Read more about "Directly managed".

  • Reason No. 4 - Tours with unique experiences 

Over the years, we have established relationships with many local experts and colorful characters who are willing to interact with our customers. By joining a journey through Japan you will have have privileged access to these friends and gain insights of real life in Japan. Read more about "Unique experiences".

  • Reason No. 5 - Secure and well supported trips

We are ATAS accredited and all our Journeys through Japan are attended by Japanese government qualified Japanese tour guides. We also have our own staff in Japan tracking every detail of your tour. You will be provided with  comprehensive handbook and very detailed itineraries. In short, we remove every possible travel stress from your experience by ensuring you’re properly briefed and well supported during your Japan holiday. Read more about "Well supported".

A Wide range of excursions to choose from.

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Had a fabulous time with a great group of people. I loved the country, the culture, the people and everything about the tour – hope to do another tour with JTTE – maybe Hokkaido or Kyushu next time

Vivien Hewitt, Western Australia

 This was my first trip with JTTE and already I am looking at the program for next year thinking about another one. I liked the fact that it was a small group, the organisation was spot on and the food everywhere was outstanding.

Dee Mason – NSW Australia


vending machine in the middle of snow field, one of the unusual things of Japan

Top 5 Unusual things you find in Japan

Japan has a very unique culture, and  there are lots of things you would find only in Japan. If you have been to Japan what did you find the most surprising? Here are our picks of Top 5 Unusual Things You Find in Japan. 1. Vending machines that serve you HOT drinks and foods Japan…

Outdoor bath at Hirayu Onsen in Japan Alps

How to enjoy Japanese bath (onsen)

Japanese unique bath (onsen) culture It is known that Japan has a rather unique bath (onsen) culture. In this blog, we talk about; How did the Japanese bath culture start? Why bathing is so popular in Japan? Different types of bath in Japan, and How to enjoy Japanese bath   Europeans had a form of…

Japanese home cooking recipes vol.5 – Okonomiyaki

Battle of Okonomiyaki between Osaka and Hiroshima If you have been to Japan and tried okonomiyaki you would agree that it is one of the tastiest Japanese dishes. But did you know there is a long-standing battle between Osaka and Hiroshima style okonomiyaki? If you spoke to people of Osaka, they would say Osaka is…

Our Travel Style

At Journey to the East we are committed to providing authentic, small group tours to Japan – whether standard tours or custom-built for private groups. Our travel style is to immerse you in the culture and landscape of the country and expose you to a rich variety of unique experiences.

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