When is the best time to visit Japan?

Miyajima Itsukushima Shrine

Best time to See Japan When is best time to visit Japan? That is a great question! The simple answer is March & April or October to December. Why visit then? Most visitors to Japan think the best time to take a vacation in Japan is Spring time (late March – April), to see the…

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Japanese flowers other than cherry blossoms

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Cherry blossoms would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. However, Japan has many more spectacular flower scenes that can be enjoyed in addition to cherry blossoms. Here are some other Japanese flowers you should not miss if you are in Japan outside the cherry blossom season! Hydrangea (Ajisai)  Hydrangeas (Ajisai)…

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Top 5 Unusual things you find in Japan

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Japan has a very unique culture, and  there are lots of things you would find only in Japan. If you have been to Japan what did you find the most surprising? Here are our picks of Top 5 Unusual Things You Find in Japan. 1. Vending machines that serve you HOT drinks and foods Japan…

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How to enjoy Japanese bath (onsen)

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Japanese unique bath (onsen) culture It is known that Japan has a rather unique bath (onsen) culture. In this blog, we talk about; How did the Japanese bath culture start? Why bathing is so popular in Japan? Different types of bath in Japan, and How to enjoy Japanese bath   Europeans had a form of…

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Unique Accommodation in Japan

people having traditional Japanese kaiseki dinner in a private room wearing yukata at ryokan, a traditional form of Japanese accommodation

There is a wide range of accommodation types available in Japan. You will find thousands of options for a western style hotel throughout the country. However hotels are not the only places you can spend a night in Japan. The accommodation choices also include Japanese style inns (Ryokan), guest houses (Minshuku) and temple lodging (Shukubo),…

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Children’s Day in Japan

Koinobori, carp streamers traditionally hung up in front of the house in Japan on Children's Day (5th May) to celebrate and wish for healthy growth of children

Children’s Day and Golden Week in Japan Japan has a quite few national holidays in May and one of them is Children’s day (KODOMONO HI ), celebrated on 5th of May every year. It started as a celebration for boys, to wish them a healthy and happy life. It has now developed into a celebration…

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Top 5 important etiquettes in Japan

You are wondering what the important etiquettes in Japan are. Here are the top 5 etiquettes we chose which help you enjoy your Japan trip more! 1. Take your shoes off indoors A lot of rules regarding indoor manners in Japan are related to footwear. A clear line is traditionally drawn between inside and outside,…

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Hanami and Cherry Blossoms in Japan

Hanami (cherry blossom viewing party) in Japan

Needless to say, Sakura (cherry blossoms) would be the biggest attraction during spring in Japan for many people. The cherry blossoms usually start fully blooming in the southern part of Japan around the end of March and gradually move up to the northern part of Japan. The blooming time is only for a week or…

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Luggage transfer service in Japan

Q: How does luggage transfer service work? A: We use a wonderful luggage transfer service by a Japanese courier company where we can send large suitcases to our next destination so that we do not have to carry them with us during train travel. With this service the luggage will arrive our destination on the…

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Hinamatsuri (Japanese girls festival)

Hina dolls displya at Hinamatsuri, Japanese girl's festival, tours to japan

What is Hinamatsuri (Japanese girls festival)? In Japan, every year on the 3rd of March we celebrate Hinamatsuri. It is a celebration of girls, and some say this Japanese traditional custom started in the Heian period which is over 1,000 years ago. Hinamatsuri is a celebration where parents wish and pray for the happiness and…

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