Japanese Cherry Blossom Tours 2022 & 2023

Our Japan cherry Blossom tours aim to show off this famous time in Japan

They are built to the same format as our other small group tours of Japan

Choosing a Cherry Blossom Japan Tour 2022 & 2023

Do you want to be in the Land of the Rising Sun at the perfect time for Japan cherry blossom tour? We can certainly help you with that!

Cherry blossoms start blooming in Japan in late-March to mid-April and even to late-April depending on locations. Naturally the blooms appear first in warmer regions, in south and west of the country, and gradually move to north and higher altitudes. If you want to find out more about cherry blossom blooming time, please read "When and Where are Japan's Best Cherry Blossom?

Japan Cherry Blossom Festival Tours

The festivals at Cherry blossom time are held in many towns in Japan during blossom time. Our Japan cherry blossom tours from Australia often target to be in the towns during the festivals. One, in particular, is the famous Takayama Spring Festival. If you would like to experience this festival please have a look at our 2022 Cherry Blossom Tour of Central Japan.

The famous pink blossoms only last two weeks or less in each location, and blooming timings are slightly different from year to year, so it is difficult to be spot-on. However, with our in depth knowledge of Japan and careful planning, Journey to the East's Japan Cherry Blossom Tours will show travellers most, if not all, of budding, blooming and falling stages of this delicate flowers during the tours. Seeing cherry blossom in classic Japanese scenery is certainly unforgettable. Join one of our 8 member small group tours and create the memory of a lifetime.

Please select your preferred tour from the pictures below.

5 Excellent cherry blossom tours of Japan to consider

Including the wonderful Cherry Blossom Spectacular to the enchanting Cherry Blossom of Northern Japan

foodies tours japan
14 days

An exceptional 14-day culinary tour through unique and exclusive experiences at cherry blossom festival time. You will meet a local farmer and fish monger, have a cooking lesson at chef’s own home, and visit artisans’ studios. This Japan Cherry Blossom & Food Tour covers wide-ranging restaurants from street carts to Michelin star.

Cherry Blossom Spectacular Tour of Japan, Arashiyama, Kyoto, Spring
17 days

Our most comprehensive cherry blossom tour of Japan. It includes many exclusive activities and unique experiences with the luxury of only 8 guests. The tour covers all the major destinations as well as our secret spots to give you an unforgettable cherry blossom holiday in Japan.

Cherry Blossom in Spring, Kyoto, Taizo-in temple, garden
14 days

This is our “Comfort” type cherry blossom tour of Japan. A classic introduction to Japan’s must-see sights in spring time – temples, castles and gardens set against stunning cherry blossoms. This tour is for those who prefer a higher level of comfort in their travel style.

Cherry Blossom Tour of Northern Japan
13 days

Japan’s best-kept-secret is Northern Japan (Tohoku) and Hokkaido in spring time. Cherry blossoms here bloom later in the year and they are amazing, especially against the natural and rural settings. On this cherry blossom tour Japan, see Nikko, Matsushima, Kakunodate, Hakodate, Sapporo and Otaru at their best.

Private Tours and Tour Extensions

Don't forget we can create your own Private Tour of Japan for your family or group if you prefer. We have many Private Tour Model Itineraries to give you some ideas. The page also includes model itineraries for Tour Extensions which you can add at the beginning or end of your Group Tour.


People in Barry Erridge Private Tour group travelled in April 2016 cherry blossom season in Japan 900 x 600
Fun in Japan
People of Kareela Probus Private Tour Group travelled Japan in April 2017, a group photo at Kanazawa Castle 900 x 600
People of Deb Lambert Private Tour group celebrating 50th wedding anniversary of the parents at Kawaguchiko ryokan in yukata

Had a fabulous time with a great group of people. I loved the country, the culture, the people and everything about the tour – hope to do another tour with JTTE – maybe Hokkaido or Kyushu next time

Vivien Hewitt, Western Australia

 This was my first trip with JTTE and already I am looking at the program for next year thinking about another one. I liked the fact that it was a small group, the organisation was spot on and the food everywhere was outstanding.

Dee Mason – NSW Australia

When and Where Are Japan’s Best Cherry Blossoms?

Getting the most out of your Japan cherry blossom tours is all about planning and luck. "Luck" because an early or late spring is in nature’s control. "Good planning" because it will increase your luck. The small group size helps us be more flexible and create our own luck.

Japan is a long archipelago and the cherry blossom peak is earlier in spring in the south and later the further north you go. A second factor is altitude and the higher you go the later in the year will be the peak there. Two other key factors are the warmer sea winds and the strain (species) of cherry tree, both of which impact their blooming time. So even in the same city, on any given day, there can be variations in where to see the blooms.

Planning plays a big part in our Japan cherry blossom tours. Although we aim to show you some of the foremost iconic displays in Japan, the sequence is determined by the cherry blossom timing. The timing, a cross-section of locations, species etc. all play a part in the planning. Regardless of an early or late spring, the goal is to increase the chance of you seeing all phases of the wonderful blooms, from buds to the peak blossom and to the beautiful pink carpets of dropped petals. The final card in our planning is our smaller groups, enabling us to even adjust where we go in a city on the fly to catch the best blooms on the day.

Please have a look at our Japan Cherry Blossom Tours.

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Our Travel Style

At Journey to the East we are committed to providing authentic, small group tours to Japan – whether standard tours or custom-built for private groups. Our travel style is to immerse you in the culture and landscape of the country and expose you to a rich variety of unique experiences.