Touring Japan from Australia in 2022 & 2023

- Australia's own Japan Tours specialists

  • Journey to the East are specialists in tours of Japan. We only offer holidays in Japan and most of our guests are from Australia. The group tours we offer are mainly designed for seniors.
  • We design and deliver the group tours to Japan. So why not talk directly to the group who will take care of you in Japan?
  • Over 9 years for showing Japan to our guests.
  • Also, a part of the team resides in Japan to make sure you have a seamless stress-free holiday.

- A range of over 30 Japan tours created and operated by an Australian team

When choosing a Japan tour from Australia for seniors, here is what to consider

Small group tours with that extra bit of splendour are divided into three broad styles;

  1. For a bit of luxury and slower pace, pick a 'Comfort' Tour,
  2. Want more immersion in to the amazing Japanese culture, pick a 'Signature' tour,
  3. Love walking in the backstreets and the pristine countryside, pick an 'Active' tour.

Private (custom/ Tailor made) tours add even more variety

  1. A holiday for your preferred pace & style.
  2. A trip to see just what you want
  3. Just as long a you would like
  4. Include the support and back-up to keep you safe**
  5. One on one with your guides

The tours are arranged into groups to help you simplify your choice. Click a picture below for more details or Contact-us now and will help you pick the tour you will enjoy the most

Independent comment is always useful and past guests comments may be helpful , here is What They Said.

The tours are arranged into groups to help you simplify your choice. Click a picture below for more details or Contact-us now and will help you pick the tour you will enjoy the most

people at cooking class with an instructor in Fukuoka as a part of 2019 Food Tour of Japan in Autumn (GFA-19b)

Our Small Group Tours

japan tours 2023 from australia

Our Private (Custom) Tours

The best time to tour Japan from Australia

  • See the famous Cherry Blossoms from March through April.
  • Enjoy the magnificent Autumn Colours from late October through December.
  • Want to avoid the Aussie summer heat - It is winter in Japan and it is magic;. A special treat is our Snow and Flowers tour. December through February
  • The Japanese Garden and Art tours are perennially popular amongst Aussie guests. May and October/November
  • The Foodies tours are so special you just have to try one to see! Spread across the year

Nison-in temple at Arashiyama Kyoto in autumn colours

Autumn Tours

Cherry Blossom at Hakone with Mt Fuji

Cherry Blossom Tours

Winter Koyasan

Winter Tours

japan tours australia

Garden & Art Tours

japan tours 2022 from australia

Food Tours

Kamakura Walking

Walking Tours

- Reasons to Take Tours of Japan from Australia

There are many reasons to take Japan tours from Australia. Whether you're looking for Australian tours for seniors or an activity with friends and family, here are some of the things we think are important (and all heard from our Australian guests too!)

  1. It is easy to get to Japan, commonly the direct flights* have you there in 9-10 hours.
  2. The people in Japan are always kind and eager to help ("they do not expect tips either!" )
  3. Japan is a very safe place to visit ("no pick pockets or suspicious people watching you")
  4. You will be amazed how clean Japan is. ("we could learn a bit from them")
  5. Our guides are all Japanese and they all qualified and speak very good English. ("They understand the way Aussies like to travel very well".)
  6. There is so much to enjoy in Japan. ("We are just home from our first tour in Japan , just loved the variety. We are already planning our next trip")

*Our tours are land only, so that means you can pick your own carrier and a flight that suits you best. Just let us know your flight details and our team will meet you on arrival in Japan. (If you need help booking just let us know).