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If you would like to make a booking, please press the button below to be taken to the online form.

(Please contact Journey to the East if you are trying to book a private tour)

Common questions before booking

We want to arrive a few days before the tour. Can you book us into the hotel where the tour starts?
Yes, we will try booking you the same room so that you don't have to move a room when the tour starts.

We want to spend a few extra nights in Japan after the tour. Can you sort out guides, transport, accommodation etc. for us?
Yes. Happy to help.

Can you arrange transfer to our existing airport?
Yes, we can arrange it for you. Please give us your flight details.

We don’t have our flights fixed yet – can we still book?
Yes, just leave that spot on the form empty. If you need assistance with international flights booking, we have contacts who can arrange that for you.

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