Mountain Passes in Japan Open with 20m+ Snow Corridors

There are a number of mountain passes in Japan that close during winter that have started to re-open.  Some passes have massive snow walls.

The highest public road is Norikura Skyline Road. It’s snow corridor is often 10m+. This road is only open for half the year and was opened again this year on the 15th of May. There are panoramic views as you dive up through the pass at about 2,700m above sea level, it is also a spectacular place to see the sun rise over the 3,000m+ mountains of the northern Alps. The pass was completed in 1973 and like many roads in Japan, it is a toll road.

Another famous pass that first opened in 1971 is Tateyama Kurobe Alpine Route. Actually the route consists of nine sections across its length of 90 klms. You will traverse the route on cable rail, highland bus, cable car, rope way and a trolley bus. The whole trip cost about AU$115 one way. The snow corridor on the route is said to be up to 20m high. There is more about this fascinating journey: The Alpine Route

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