Kanazawa Kenrokuen Garden
Kenrokuen Garden in Kanazawa
Chaya District Kanazawa
Chaya District Kanazawa


Kanazawa is located on the Sea of Japan coastline, approximately two hours north of Kyoto. The stunning landscape garden, Kenrokuen, is regarded as one of the top three landscape gardens in all of Japan. There are a number of art museums including the 21st Century Museum of Art. Kanazawa features two beautifully maintained districts. The Nagamachi Samurai District features a number of Samurai residences including the impressive Nomura-ke. The Chaya Districts features many beautiful teahouses including a number open to the public. Omicho Market is a busy market located near JR Kanazawa Station and is well known for its wide range of seafood.



There are a number of hotels in Kanazawa including the Kanazawa Tokyu Hotel and Kanazawa Nikko Princess Hotel. Kanazawa also features a wide range of traditional ryokan (Japanese Inns) for an authentic immersive experience.



Kyoto - it is approximately two hours from Kyoto to Kanazawa by direct Limited Express Thunderbird train.

Tokyo - it is a 2.5 hour ride on the Shinkansen (bullet train) from Tokyo to Kanazawa.

Takayama - a bus or private vehicle can travel east to Takayama in approximately two hours. Shirakawago is a common stop on the way.

Shirakawago - the UNESCO World Heritage site can be visited as a half-day trip from Kanazawa with a public bus or private vehicle taking about 60 minutes each way.



The timing of the cherry blossoms can vary from year to year but the cherry blossoms in Kanazawa are usually approximately a week behind Kyoto and peak in mid-April.