Nagoya Castle
Nagoya Castle
Toyota Techno Museum, Nagoya
Toyota Techno Museum, Nagoya


Nagoya is an industrial town located between Tokyo and Kyoto. The region is home to the Toyota Motor Corporation and there are a number of impressive museums explaining the emergence of the brand. In particular the Toyota Techno Museum ( Commemorative Museum of Industry and Technology) has an impressive explanation of the growth from loom maker to automobile supremacy. Nagoya Castle is a reconstruction of the original and is picturesque especially during the cherry blossom season. The SCMaglev and Railway Park is the museum of JR Tokai (JR Central) and has many impressive displays. Noritake Garden, a museum run by Noritake (Japan’s most famous porcelain maker), is a great place to learn about Japan’s ceramic arts.



There are a number of hotels located near the main JR Nagoya Station including Nagoya JR Gate Tower Hotel.



Tokyo - direct Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) connect Tokyo with Nagoya in just under two hours.

Kyoto - direct Shinkansen (Bullet Trains) connect Kyoto with Nagoya in approximately 45 minutes.

Matsumoto - direct Limited Express Shinano trains connect Nagoya with Matsumoto in approximately two hours.

Takayama - direct Limited Express Wide View Hida trains connect Nagoya with Takayama in approximately two hours.



The timing of the cherry blossoms can vary from year to year but the cherry blossoms in Takayama are usually at their peak in mid-April. The famous Takayama Spring Festival is held every year from April 14-15 and the Takayama Autumn Festival is held every year from Oct 9-10. The Takayama Spring Festival is featured in our Cherry Blossom Tour of Central Japan