The post village of Tsumago on the Nakasendo Way
The post village of Tsumago on the Nakasendo Way
Nakasendo (Magome) popular walking track in Japan
Village of Magome on the Nakasendo Way

Nakasendo Way including Tsumago and Magome

Nakasendo translates to "Path through mountains". The Nakasendo was a 500km route between Edo (Tokyo) and Kyoto. Under the ruling Shogunate travellers were usually forced to travel on foot, and consequently many post towns emerged along the route allowing travellers to eat, rest, and spend the night. Two of the most impressive towns are Tsumago and Magome. Both are beautifully preserved and feature lovely streets with wooden shops and houses. The walk between Tsumago and Magome is approximately 8km in length and follows the Nakasendo Way through the woods and along a stream and past local houses. A great way to warp back in time while enjoying a comfortable walk.



There are a number of Minshuku, traditional Japanese accommodation usually with Futon mattresses on tatami mat flooring. Most places have shared bathrooms although there are a couple of options with private bathrooms.



Tokyo - it is approximately four hours from Tsumago, by two trains and a bus.

Osaka - It is approximately three hours from Osaka to Tsumago by two trains and a bus.



The autumn colours are usually at their peak very late October or early November.