View from Naoshima
View from Naoshima
Naoshima Pumpkin
Pumpkin by Yayoi Kusama on Naoshima

Naoshima - the "Art Island"

Tucked away in the Seto Inland Sea is the small island of Naoshima, sometimes known as the "Art Island". The island contains a wide variety of art installations and art museums with a number of contemporary art sculptures. Made famous by the Benesse Corporation the small island is popular with art lovers from around the world. Attractions include Benesse House, the Lee Ufan Museum and the Chichu Museum. There are also many permanent installations scattered around the island.



Accommodation on the island is relatively limited and usually needs to be secured many months in advance. Benesse House is an exclusive accommodation at the higher end of the market. Hotel Wright Style offers very simple accommodation at a mid-price range. Long day trips are possible from places like Kurashiki or Takamatsu.



Naoshima is located in the Seto Inland Sea and is a little time consuming to access from places on the mainland as the journey usually involves a Shinkansen (Bullet Train) journey, a local train journey, and then a ferry. The Seto Inland Sea is located between the main island of Honshu and the island of Shikoku.

Kurashiki - It is approximately two hours by local train and ferry from Kurashiki.

Hiroshima - It is approximately three hours by Shinkansen, local train, and ferry from Hiroshima Station.

Takamatsu - located in Shikoku there is a direct ferry from Takamatsu Ferry Terminal to Naoshima taking between 30 and 60 minutes.



The Setouchi Art Triennale will next be held in 2022. There are many permanent installations year round and we include Naoshima in our popular Garden and Art Tours of Japan