The Japanese Gardens

Adachi Museum

Adachi Museum Japanese Garden of the Year for 17 consecutive years

When you think of Japanese Gardens, order and tranquility seem to spring to mind. There again, there are the Japanese sand and stone (or dry landscape) gardens made from such harsh substances yet they convey idealism and potential for contemplation on a totally different plane.

The variety of gardens in Japan is staggering. Some of the smallest of gardens seem to be able to almost take your breath away. Yet others are so grand and they include the mountains, natural waterfalls and vegetation all perfectly placed and balanced as though they were placed there by the garden designer to be part of the garden.

The sheer volume the great gardens of Japan is also impressive. There are thousands of temples and shrines across Japan and very many of them have beautiful gardens that compliment these exotic constructions.  The best gardens are scattered across Japan and provide yet another excellent excuse (if you really need one) to spend time in the different regions of Japan.

Some of the best Japanese Gardens in Japan includes:-

1) Adachi Museum - Matsue - Pictured above

2) Kenrokuen - Kanazawa

3) Ritsurin Koen - Takamatsu

4) Korakoen - Okayama

5) Ryoanji - Kyoto (stone garden)

6) Kairakuen - Mito

7) Hama Rikyu - Tokyo

8) Katsura Villa - Kyoto

9) Sankeien - Yokohama

10) Rikugien - Tokyo

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