Private Tours, Japan 2022 & 2023

Why Choose a Private Tour of Japan?

  • We offer two general types of Japan tours. On our Small Group Tours to Japan you will share your adventure with strangers, whereas on our Custom-made private tours of Japan you will travel only with your own group of friends.
  • The itineraries of tailor-made private tours of Japan are flexible and suitable for meeting specific needs of travellers including mobility, dietary requirements, travel pace or accommodation preferences as well as celebrating special occasions such as anniversaries. They are also ideal for special interests' groups, for example crafts, sports, garden, food etc.
  • Customised private tour in Japan can start and finish any time in a year that suits you, perfect for people who have specific time for travel.
  • An off-the-shelf group tour may not include all the destinations you would like to visit, or may include places that are not necessarily of your preference, but with tailor-made vacations in Japan you can select the exact destinations you would like to visit with your private tour group.
  • Japan Tailor-made holidays with your own qualified guides create unique Japan private tours and experiences instead of the 'cooking cutter' style tours associated with large group tours;
  • Last but not least, private tour is ideal for busy people who want their holiday in Japan professionally planned so they can just turn up and have the great stress-free vacation  they need and deserve.

A great place to start with your private tour is to see our 


Private Tours of Japan Made Easy

Our Private Tours of Japan are designed to make it easy to enjoy the benefits of a private tour in Japan. You can start by using our Private Tour Model Itineraries as a base. The Model Itineraries can be adapted or include content from our Group Tours or you can include tour our tour extension itineraries. Naturally you can start from scratch too, so. our Private tours to Japan are truly flexible and personalised

Easier yet!  Just tell us roughly when and about how long you want to go to Japan, the number of people in your group, and perhaps anything specific what you want to see and do in Japan. We will do all the work of designing and delivering your dream holiday in Japan.

According to our guests our private tours in Japan “work like clockwork”, which takes away the travel stress.

A tailor-made Japan private tour is great for a couples, groups of friends/, clubs, and special interest groups, as well as Japan family tours.

"Our tour was well organised and Journey to the East were very easy to deal with and tailored our trip to suit our interests and needs. Everything went smoothly according to plan. I’m sure we enjoyed our trip to Japan a lot more because of Journey to the East."

Guest rated their tour:  

Liz and Terry King, Australia

(the guests travelled on a private tour 2019)

"The tour was fantastic, five star! We learned so much about the country and loved every day of our stay in Japan." "I truly appreciate your help and effort to make our journey enjoyable."

Guest rated their tour:  

Nataliya Dolgova & Maria Cherkasova - Russia

(the guests travelled on a private tour 2018)

"We do our research beforehand and Japan delivered on our expectations - and more. We enjoyed the ability to enjoy Japan in our preferred manner - something we had serious concerns about prior to contacting JttE. "

Guest rated their tour:  

Peter Boylan and Paula Fogarty, NSW, Australia

(the guests travelled on a private tour 2017)

"Congratulations to Journey to the East for tailoring our small group walking tour to Japan to cater for the interests and age constraints of our group – we learnt so much about Japanese culture and loved the experience."

Guest rated their tour:  

Judy Noble, Australia

(the guest travelled on this tour 2019)

What do I get from customised Private Japan Tour by Journey to the East?

  • A knowledgeable team of Japan travel specialists, including an experienced Japan tour guide, giving you advice on where to go and what to do to suit your interests.
  • Completely personalised itinerary accommodating your interests into daily program as well as meeting your special requirements such as dietary and mobility.
  • We are a Japan specialist tour operator, not a reseller of third-party tours. We design and operate your tour directly with vendors such as accommodation, guides, transport, restaurants, and activities. This means less chance of mishap or miscommunication.
  • Comprehensive Handbook on travelling and enjoying your private travel in Japan.
  • Dedicated client support officer to answer your questions before or during the tour.
  • Selection of all transport options and times, and seat reservations where necessary.
  • Draft itinerary with confirmed accommodation and daily program suggestions, which can be further adjusted as required.
  • Final itinerary with all details confirmed and described.
  • Personalised airport meet & greet and transfer to your hotel on arrival.
  • Your private guides will be briefed directly by us about your interests and preferences, and any agreed programs for guided tours.
  • Arrangements for luggage transfers with hotels, and tracking your luggage to make sure it arrives safely and on time.
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How much does a Japan tailor-made private tour cost?

Cost of a Japan custom tour varies depending on a lot of factors including following.

Timing: High seasons in Japan includes; just before and after New Year Day, cherry blossom season from late March to mid-April, summer holiday season from late July to mid-August, autumn colour season from late October to late November.

Accommodation type: There are many different types of accommodation in Japan (please also read our FAQ on accommodation). Generally speaking, five star international hotel chains are the most expensive choices. Prices of ryokan can vary widely from more than A$1,000 per person per night to less than A$100 per person per night, depending on quality of property, services, and inclusions. A ryokan stay often includes a dinner and an elaborate breakfast. We typically use 4-4.5-star equivalent boutique style hotels and ryokans, however, we can use other types of accommodation if requested.

Number of guided days : We use private guides who exclusively work for you during your Japan private tour. Japanese private tour guide cost includes guide's transport and meals, and sometimes accommodation if the guide stays at the destination with you.

Mode of transport: Japan has excellent public transport systems, however, you may prefer to use a private vehicle at certain transfers.

Number of people in your group: Because there are some shared costs such as private guides and private transport, generally more persons in your group, less per person cost.


Because of the number of permutations and variations you can choose from, it is difficult to give a meaningful price guide. We have created some model itineraries and provided prices for each itinerary and here are some examples. You can find the full itinerary for each of the following and more on our Private Tour Model Itinerary page.


Examples of cost for custom private tours of Japan:

Per person price for 2 travellers Per person price for 4 travellers
14 Day Tour of Japan (low season) $8400 $7400
10 Day Tour of Japan (low season) $7600 $6500
14-Day Cherry Blossom Tour of Japan $9510 $8400

*Prices are a guideline in Australian dollars and subject to tour content (e.g. Accommodation selected, guide time etc). We can give you an estimate in alternate currency if you wish.


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