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When is the best time to visit Japan?


The best answer:-

The best time to travel in Japan is any time. There are 4 very distinct seasons and you can enjoy any of them.

An even better answer:-

best time to visit japan

The best time to visit Japan and enjoy it to its utmost you need to take advantage of the seasons. Your itinerary and the things you do should vary from season to season .  My experience with those who have visited Japan has been an almost universal comment.  ‘They had a holiday of a lifetime and would like to experience Japan in a another  season’. So in this post I want to comment on each of the seasons. Japan is a long string of islands (6,852 in fact) and the peak of each season varies from North to the South. In discussing the seasons I have taken a little liberty of adjusting them to the location times. Consider the latitude if you want to hit the peak of any season.

Autumn ( October through to early December)

Many people consider that Autumn rivals spring with its beautiful colours as the best time to visit Japan. In Australia, we tend to see a few trees in their Autumn colours. By contrast, in Japan it is almost breathtaking as you can see vast expanses of Autumn colours. They range from pinks to reds, yellows, burgundy and every shade of brown. The colours of the trees are supported by the magic carpet of fallen coloured leaves. Set all this against the wonderful  landscapes in Japan or the impeccable Japanese gardens or yet again see the trees lit-up at night around the spectacular Japanese temples and it is not hard to see why Autumn is a favourite time to be in Japan.

Plan your tour to see the spectacle and make sure you try the range of Autumn foods. Experience an onsen (hot spring bath) and gaze at the autumn colours as you soak up the atmosphere of an onsen. See our tours such as our  Autumn tours of Japan

Winter (November through early March)

pavilion-in-winter-3Winter in Japan can be a wonderland of white. Definitely one of the best times to visit Japan. Many of the mountain passes are so deep in snow they are closed (even till early April). The white is so intense in some places that the scenery looks like it is black and white, include a red temple and it looks ‘Photoshoped’. Japan is well known for its powdery soft snow that is excellent skiing too. For those of us from the hotter parts of the world the snow can be a real treat.

If you like fashion, winter is a wonderful time to visit. Then again if you like sea food, it is at its absolute best in winter. There are some fascinating festivals in Winter and the overall Winter spectacular is a much loved time to see Japan. Plan your tour to see the temples with their snow covered roofs and enjoy the warmth of the local eating houses.

Go through the city’s giant department stores that are surprisingly awash with Xmas music. You get a feel  for the atmosphere that is unique at this time of the year.  A visit to an outside onsen (hot spring bath) where you can enjoy the snow from the hot bath is an experience revered by the Japanese. An extra good time to see the wild snow monkeys bathing in the hot springs to get some warmth.  See our tours such as Winter tours of Japan

Spring (March through May)

kei_1250-3One of Japan’s most famous times, cherry blossom season. Everybody in the world loves spring, however the Japanese have made it almost an art form. Most advertising suggests Spring is the best time to visit Japan. There are many festivals and the national news focuses on the peak of the cherry blossom display as it heads from south to north (reverse of Autumn display). This is the busiest time in Japan for tourists (both local and international). Although cheery blossom is famous, Japan puts on an extravagant show of flowers in Spring and the natural contrast of the colour displays with the temples and scenery make Japan in Spring a tourist Mecca . Off the beaten track you can share the season the way the locals do.

Plan your trip to avoid the crowds as much as you can by minimising the traditional tourist paths. There are so many beautiful spots where you can go to appreciate the sakura (cherry blossom) and the flower festivals. See our tours such as our cherry blossom tours of Japan

Summer (June through September)

20151025_154145-3Summer is a great time to visit. This is because it is warm so you need far less clothing (luggage) plus the  longer days (to see more). You can often be warned off Japan in summer, particularly because June is typically the wettest month and August because of the heat and extreme humidity.  However, Summer is a great time to ‘head for the hills’. The Japanese alps are spectacular and great time to escape the heat of the lowlands and enjoy the special treat of the mountain areas. The small traditional food stalls on wheels appear in volume. They create an atmosphere of their own on the balmy summer nights as you get amongst the Japanese people.

Plan you trip to skim the big cities like Toyko. Aim for the more of the smaller centers and the places at a higher altitude. The warmer temperatures and rains combine to create a lush tropical look & feel, be sure to take a light waterproof jacket.

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